Aran , Jan 3, Jan 2, 2. Now your ears may hear different, but to me a has a little more sparkle to them in comparison to the 12ax7 in a BF v2, especially the older JAN tubes. Nate D likes this. You must log in or sign up to reply here. But then again, its all the perception of the beer-holder.

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I thought the CS amps were supposed be the cream of the crop.

We have different taste? If you can find them hands down the best sounding is the Raytheon Windmill Getter. Share Reveb Page Tweet. Jan 2, 4. The actual performance of the tubes have a lot of variation.

My dark green labels are hard to read but look very new.

for v3 or v4 in Princeton Reverb | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Since I’ve dropped a 12ay7 in V3 and like it, I may not try the 57551. I’m not uber technical, but I know tons of you are and I’d love some input.


Cezar Diaz on SRV’s amps: Homesick, I may try v4 again — I’m trying it in v3 right now with a 12au7 in v2. Put the in V1, farthest away from the power tubes.

So now I have an extra NOS lying around.

Where did SRV use a 5751 tube?

Can you say ‘chime’? There are some layers of info.

I would not be afraid to regerb the in any amp to replace a 12AX7, 12AY7, or Jan 2, 5. CS Fenders amps sound fine.

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Try rsverb there too. Jan 17, James BCMJan 2, Nate DJul 3, DaveKSJan 19, DaveKSJan 17, I understand the phase inverter as giving more headroom.

Jan 2, 6. I’m sure SRV would be happy with them.

Sorry, similar questions are asked here, but all the answers seem to involve other questions. Does that even make sense?

I should note I bought a pair of Sovtek ‘s recently because they were pretty inexpensive but the reviews have me frightened of them! Jan 17, 9. I actually really like your tones. Search Media New Media. You can see that the packaging date was Your name or email 5571