Joined Oct 21, Messages 0. It could be simply bad pixels different colors, inverted , geometric errors extended shapes, abnormal models , or a completely fuzzed out screen. However, some people report this as not too reliable so the way I personally do it is manual adjust the clock speeds, then “scan for artifacts” and if none are detected then run several hours of 3dMark Joined May 14, Messages 18, 3. You may get lucky, or you may not. W1zzard also made this nice table of memory types that you can compare to as well.

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If no problems arise, rinse, lather, then repeat. Nergal Mar 30, Sounds crazy but i think this one has its acces timings set right fast. Isnt artic cooling better, or is that working with pasting it on the chip?

ASUS AGE/TD Radeon GE ( MB) (AGETDMA) Graphics Card | eBay

You’ll know it when you see xti. Thanks, yea, hopefully, this radeoh cut down on the amount of repetitive questions people post about theor at least keeps it focused in one thread so it’s not spamming the forum I need to see or i can overclock it some more to evantually change it again. Joined May 14, Ari 18, 3. I wrote this a while ago but I feel it would be more convenient to add it here as well It’s a hit and miss chance, one BIOS might work with yours and not work with someone elses.


Simply download ATITool and use that! I was wondering if it might not be the timings of maybe Gigabyte boards that makes them so incompatible with other BIOS’s??

As fast as it goes without producing artifacts in ATITool. Uhm, a Gigabyte bit MB with 5ns Hynix RAM with damn passive clunk of metal and no radeoh But I’m thinking of getting a Thermaltake Giant3 with copper ramsinks btw you think it’s a good buy?

Like I’ve said many at times, you get what you pay for. First, overclocking doesn’t void your warranty like flashing does; Second, it’s easier; Third, there’s much less risk in killing your card than it is with a bad flash. Backup your own BIOS first and then go at it.

And if so, what cooler shouldi use? I didnt take a real good look my cooling but what i do know is that it is an active cooler, attached with 2 screws.

Asus ATI Radeon 9550 GE (256MB)

Thirdyou can flash your BIOS into a where the ardeon isn’t disabled. Adviced when first doing this is using atitool find max’es to know or it can handle the speds mentioned. Go get ya an PCI cardas i ardeon need that could some1 give me more info on this? For the rest of you guys with the better ones, read on: You may get lucky, or you may not. Firstyou can download softmod drivers.


Rule-R New Member Apr 2, This will give you the best stable clock speeds. You must log in or register to reply here. Im a nOOb as this thing I will give the results asap.

Asus ATI Radeon 9550 GE (AGP 8x, 128MB)

I recommend some ramsinks then, tweaking the BIOS mem settings might work too Using this command line: Also, it ari that voltages are increased as well unconfirmed. First, you don’t void your warranty by flashing your BIOS; Second, it’s easier; Third, no risk in killing your card with a bad flash.

Especially if your features only a cheap aluminum heatsink!

Or is a cooler enough for it?