To learn more details about the Scanner Properties dialog box, please see the subsequent chapter, Using the Scanner Properties Dialog Box. White Background, Black Background. If any items are missing or damaged, please contact your authorized local dealer immediately. Used to scan several inside pages from book. If the skew angle is too great, some of the image may be cut off. Please refer to the manual for proper replacing procedure. This is useful when you have a batch of documents with the same scan size or a batch of same-sized documents.

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Gently place the scanner back to its normal position. Disposal of Waste Equipment by Users in Private Union This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that the product can not be disposed of with your other household waste.

Technical service | Avision AVSU (/) User Manual | Page 87 / 88

With this tool, you can perform simple scans and view the captured images. More specifically, a deeper dive than what you can pick up from basic specs.

The higher the value, the brighter the image. For ordering the ADF pad, please consult your nearest dealer. Drag the slider to the right or left to increase or decrease the brightness. Your favorable profile will be immediately loaded and displayed on Scanner Properties dialog box. Place the avsion onto the ADF paper chute in either paper side face-down, face-upwith the leading edge in the auto feeder entrance.


Instead it should be sent to appropriate facilities for recovery and recycling in an effort to protect human health and the environment. Please refer to the manual for proper replacing procedure. The default setting is Black on a White background.

Place the document to be scanned onto the document glass face down. Lift the paper chute to about 45 degrees. Installation Please unpack the scanner carefully, and check the contents against the checklist. Used to scan several inside pages from book. Close the ADF unit and document cover.

Two of the options are Dynamic Threshold and Fixed Processing. If not, please check the power source. A black rectangular box appears to indicate the max.

Therefore, during scanning, the numbers of pages been scanned on the scanner is somehow different with the numbers of pages displayed on your computer screen.

Technical service – Avision AV3200SU (300500001/300500002) User Manual

There are two options available if Multi-Feed is detected. Ultrasonic Detection Ultrasonic Detection allows you to set overlapped document by detecting paper thickness between documents. See Figure 22 Note: Page 35 Threshold Used avisioj convert a grayscale image to a bi-tonal image. Refer to Figure Product overviews give you a clearer picture of what a device or solution can do.


Background Level The pixel which is higher than the background value will be adjusted to the lightest point. Page 61 A Cross Sign 7.

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Unlocking the Shipping switch Click on the OK button. Insert the three protrusions on svision output paper tray to the three slots on the ADF. Page 67 Background Setting This option allows you to set your scan background. You can edit these profiles by renaming or deleting them. Discover the benefits of a bli Report.