Thank you very much in advance. To even improve on it, the bro people would have to make it install all 3 sections: Notification for using PC-FAX driver in USA The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of makes it unlawful for any person to use a computer or electronic device to send any message via a telephone fax machine unless such messages clearly contain, in a margin at the top or bottom of each transmitted page, or on the first page of the transmission, the date and time it is sent and an identification of the business or other entity or other individual sending the message and the telephone number of the sending machines or such business, other entity or individual. The information on the websites does not guarantee the operation of Brother Linux drivers in all users’ operating environments. It will ask you for the model number for your device, and install all of the drivers for your device. The only way I know to prevent this from happening is to turn the printer off then on. Thank you for these answers.

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Good luck, and you came to the right place by the way to learn ubuntu!

I have a wired USB connection to the printer. And a thank you to the original poster. One of the essential functionalities of apt-get which was initially specific to aptitude is the tracking of packages installed only through dependencies. No such file or directory mv: Does anyone have a solution so I can use the scanner as well?


Does this only apply to the Download directory and assume that files which have been executed since download are no longer needed?

Using the Brother “Driver Install Tool” was a big help. Thanks HM I should have said Download. No such file or directory linux-brprinter-installer On my MFC 4in1 bro, it misses out on the fax stuff I’ve got it done manually. I deleted the printer System setting printer and then re-ran the installer precisely as indicated. For Fedora 12, nss-softokn-freebl. Your reference to the auto remove command is interesting because how does it know which files are no longer needed?

This would be very inconvenient if the printer wasn’t sitting right next to me. Is there a book that any of brotber guys would recommend?

DS driver install Update the firmware to the latest version. I’ll make a note of that command for future reference.

Download (Scanner Driver)

I’m new to Ubuntu having just migrated from windows XP. Unfortunately, the scanner doesn’t work. No such file or directory dpkg -b. My printer is connected using a USB cable.

I couldn’t believe how much easier this has been than in years past when I had brotheg install the LPR and Cups drivers, and then install the scanner drivers.

[SOLVED] Installing Brother Priners and Scanners Just Got Easier [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Setting the root password is required befor you can issue this command. Just used the program October 23, 2, to re-install the brother, it works well, no issues. For me at least that’s what works, and yes, the bash script install program is not used liunx often in Ubuntu’s default Terminal. I can do this since the printer is right next to my desk.


Brother Solutions Center : Brother Driver for Linux Distributions

No such file or directory. Also new to Ubuntu all is great cept can’t print Coming from Windows I’m struggling with the Xterm command line stuff needed for installing downloaded stuff so helpful replies will need this detail please. The tool is also available for. Downloads directory as far as I know.

I can run the first job perfectly even duplex and maybe the second job. Connecting more than one machine with the same model number is not supported.

If we assume you have the Brother drivers installed; then if you disconnect the usb brotger and go to Printers from your systems menu; and then select the ADD button