To say that the handicap system has always required that all posted rounds be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf is simply not true. That shouldn’t be a surprise. Instead of excluding these golfers from full participation in the game, I think they should be included. It is critical that we do everything reasonably possible to make the game more enjoyable and more ‘user friendly’ for junior, women, and senior golfers. The public loves new high-tech equipment. Consumers may also keep the free dozen golf balls that were part of the promotion.

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Frank Beard, in a recent article in Senior Golfer said it very well: In Novemberthe USGA, with Palmer’s backing, implemented standards putting a limit on the spring-like “trampoline effect” of the ball coming off the face of a driver. If a hot driver that Tiger can’t nanned draws thousands of golf because they can use it, is that bad? He wants the USGA to realize there are two different types of golf: My position is, of course, contrary to the stated opinion of the USGA.

Indeed, it seems to me that it is less bwnned inasmuch as it simply gives a player a chance to drive the ball farther and doesn’t necessarily guarantee a lower score on the hole.

These fellows are out there hitting 6-irons yards. The considered judgment of the world’s oldest rulemaking body is entitled to great defense. The Nancy Lopez golf club line and the related endorsements rights for Nancy were sold to the Square 2 Company.


Palmer Releases Position Paper on ERC II

Interestingly, in the USGA eventually arrived at the same viewpoint. Callaway insists he isn’t looking for two different sets of rules. In this respect, let me repeat again my respect for the USGA and the good work that it has done for so many years to advance the game. Or is it progress? I expect him to work on our behalf and I certainly hope that he will. It is useful and important to remind ourselves of the genesis of the concern that the golf ball is traveling too far. I have long been its principal spokesman and I have done so enthusiastically.

There is another very interesting precedent, which I find quite significant. In a separate transaction, I entered into an endorsement agreement with Callaway for their clubs and balls. The professional golfers with new equipment demolish any course. We believe that bannfd decision is fair and reasonable, and that is serves the best long term interest of the game.

A blue-collar golfer who played the game much like most rrc did – unpredictably. It shouldn’t lose too much money on the trade-ins, Mr. So it isn’t just the driver.

In all of this, there is the persistent oddity that the USGA is legislating only the length of the very best players on Earth, whose average tournament scores, despite titanium drivers, haven’t changed in years. I agree instead, as I have repeatedly said, to state that I approved of its use in leisure, recreational golf and intended from time to time to use it myself under such conditions.


Only 9, 10 and 11 degrees Ladies Sizes? Now he is promoting a club aimed at them. In play other than events, it is my view that the use of the ERC II adds to the enjoyment of the game and is in no way detrimental to it.

Slefo – 4 days ago 0. Secondly, the lengths which these professional players are hitting the ball is not confined to the driver, but applies to all other clubs in the bags as well.

Palmer Releases Position Paper on ERC II | Golf Channel

The golf companies have run over the USGA. The club is composed of a specially made metal that Callaway says is more durable and allows for greater control than previous “hot” drivers.

The King wins hands down. Let the public get the super high-tech equipment, but protect the integrity of the vanned by limiting professionals. High-tech helps better players more than poor players.