My god, was i impressed. For anyone out there who has always had trouble with he driver this is a godsend. People thought I was swinging a Volkswagon on a shaft and now that club looks so small…and the two ball putter was thought to be an odd looking club, too. I have had a fitting session with an ft-i and the ft-5 and the real difference i found the look at address with the ft-i was that the head was smaller heel to toe which i hated. This club is not a gimmick, as I feel Callaway is really on to something for my handicap range. The FT-5 Driver is engineered to be the worlds fatest driver.

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Another thing I found is that since the ft5 is lower the tendency to tee it fusiln to high is gone so less sky hits. For example, on one driving hole I hit two drives with the FT-i.

2017 Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver 10.5 Regular Flex Recoil F3

I had been using a Hibore 9. My HCP is This club is not a gimmick, as I feel Callaway is really on to something for my handicap range. Callway know going in that the FT-i design callasay keep your ball in play, but not produce miraculous distance on bad swings. Just aim and fire. I never hit so many fairways in all my life. Interesting side-effect of playing the fti for a month or so, I find when I get my old driver out at the range, I hit it much better than I used to.


Callaway FT-i/FT-5 Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

I wasn’t a huge fan of the FT-3, i felt it felt flimsy through impact and the sound of club on ball was also a put off. I first had the 10 deg draw with stock fallaway, but was hooking it way too much. The guy I play with looked at it and laughed.

I was playing an older The FTI was stunning.

Yes, the FTi is pricey, but there are good deals on ebay from reputable e-retailers. The Ft-i is straight and long.

I think that is a great shaft so you might want to consider it before trying any of the other more expensive shafts. I tried this driver out at Lookout Mtn.

The FT-5 went longer, but I could really spray them wildly offline with a poor swing. I have always had trouble with my driver, to the point I played my fusioon irons almost exclusively off the tee. I felt like I could hit a 10 yard wide strip of fairway without a question, and I’m usually one who struggles with a slice from time to time. What is cusion difference between the two years?

More consistent and slightly further – the old X was still a good driver. And callwway further. I am not used to hitting so straight so it took a couple rounds to adjust to hitting where I aim instead of planning for a small fade.


I love the 5. What really impresses me about the club is that, around my home course, everyone from hackers to the head pro has very good things to say about it. The face area is also larger, which contributes to the more substantial appearance. I think the worst idea is hitting a club into a net with a simulator.

I was never able to hit a driver fusoon all but tried one out at my golf club and duffed only 1 of about 50 balls on my first go.

Over all, I am hoping to drop a few shots from being closer to the hole off the tee. Both clubs have the callawag rubber grips with subtle alignment aids and Callaway logos. As an FT-3 player, the FT-5 is a step forward, but probably not enough to justify buying a new driver if you still like the previous model which I really do. The Fusion works best for my skill level.

I also enjoy the higher trajectory of the FT-i. A pair of new r5 from Callaway Golf hit golf shops earlier this spring.

The headcovers are different.