Either buy a faster pc or install a better graphical operating system unix. So we have to find a way to determine is windows is started. Additional information See our autoexec. If you windows runs fine you should start scandisk from time to time to check for errors. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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Default value is 32, but some programs want some more DMA buffer. Then apply all those patches and prepare your windows installation cdrom: This program is nice, but its use can be risky.

Loading non-native cd drivers in said drives caused various errors from General Read Error or Failure, to read error while loading, speeches going out of sync, sometimes even file not found error when copying large or many files.

Configuring your MS-DOS properly

BAT is also executed by Windows 3. In the past I’ve setup a menu in config.

Here is my output of course it is optimited for my needs already:. The mem programm fits our needs. DOS can not access it directly. emm836


and help and instructions

Stacker is presumed installed in C: Because of FAT32 the harddisk has to be partitioned and formatted again, and Windows 95 and all your applications has to be reinstalled. But on other language version things should look similar, so I guess you won’t have any difficulties.

Mostly you get many readme files you never want to read. Currently using an old Sony drive.

How to edit the files Remarking information Getting additional memory Autoexec. The memory above 1MB can be configured in three different ways.

Vernon Frazee: MS-DOS v Help: EMMEXE

But windows is so complex, that I do not recommend those tunings. I personally prefer the classic style of a black screen. Once you start sevicehigh additional drivers like univbe, network card etc you start to end up with less than kb. But it’s a total waste of valuable conventional memory space in a non-ems, non-umb environment or if a devkcehigh can’t work properly in a real-mode environment, and hence, much better to load shsucdx here.

Use the corresponding files in the DOS directory instead. SYS fro mthe Win98 boot disk.

For example I have installed two sound cards. It can be emulated by different memory managers. Reset Post Submit Post. However, with newer versions of Windows are no longer needed. If that is not the case, you just have to swap this part. This program can be run from time to time too.


Autoexec.bat and config.sys information

It does takes up 30kb memory, but can be loaded in the UMB if available. The same applies for the initializition of my sound blaster card. Can’t Configure Star Wars: In the last years I have been asked very often to have a look at someone’s “autoexec”, because something was not working as expected. But be warned that smartdrive by default enables a write back technique.

Even if a game does not crash by chance there should be examplesthere will still be problems, at least with sound. But we will make it orderd and good now.