Moving to the right past that circuit and componentry we see the socket itself. As far as the board itself goes, it’s usual EPoX fare. The fast graphics card allows you to remove it as a bottleneck in the system and leave other variables that influence system performance. The ATX case header is also properly labelled, something you don’t see on all boards and I was able to connect my case headers without having to refer to the manual which is a nice rarity. Up to 4 IDE devices. Items that are bought by us when a purchase is made, this generally is for highly expensive items, items with a very slow run rate or speciality items. The Northbridge is only passively cooled with no noisy fan which is a bonus.

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So they developed the 3-phase solution for some of their boards to assist the enthusiast when overclocking and also to provide overall stability at stock speeds. These are going to show the same numbers that any well sorted Socket A board will show for the same processor, in our case the XP MHz.

So while the board might 8k3z low on features, it’s strengths lie elsewhere. Built a machine for my brother-in-law using that board a while back don’t recall exactly — brain is fried, I guess.


They don’t make chipsets and can only work with what they are given. The item is out of stock and estimated delivery date is not known at this time. It’s quite 8k33a that Athlon XP could do with a front side bus hike to let it use more memory bandwidth. Speed will increase by multiplier only.

Easy setup and stable. The CPU can use 2. Onto Aquamark, our shader-heavy DirectX 8.

Anyone with a Epox 8k3a?

Here’s a cropped screen grab from Sandra showing the effect that a MHz memory and host clock has. AGP supports 1x, 2x 3. Again, predictably, we get what we expected.

The item is out of stock and estimated to arrive on the date provided. What was the best tech product of ? Mar 18, Posts: Coupled with suitable memory such as!!

By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. Items that are bought by us when a purchase is made, this generally is for highly expensive items, items with a very slow run rate or speciality items.

May 12, Posts: The reason lies in the fact that the Athlon XP can’t make much direct use of the extra bandwidth. THe baord was only 85 dollars, I really couldnt pass that up and Ive had good luck with Epox in the past. Stock level indicator Close.

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The KT Northbridge seems to run exceptionally cool. AC’97 audio via the southbridge is also supported 8m3a I’m a fan of proper hardware solutions since I’ve found VIA southbridge provided solutions tend to degrade under high system load whereas a dedicated solution tends not to. DDR memory is happiest running at the same clock as the host bus front side bus so that wait states between the two are minimised.


So anyone with this board? Just how motherboards should be. Anyone with a Epox 8k3a? I’ll skip the CPU Multimedia numbers except to say that there is a very small but detectable rise in the results 8ka3 you go up to asynchronous mode.

Anyone with a Epox 8k3a? – Ars Technica OpenForum

I especially liked how the board was layed out, compared to my old Abit VT6X4. The addressable bandwidth increases as CPU host clock increases and the memory clock matches or exceeds it. A move to MHz memory clock coupled with new DDR memory would give the platform an overall performance boost. In the following graph, all that is changed is the memory clock via a reboot.

Latency on the memory increases actually negating some of eopx new bandwidth performance you get.