Bently – Los Angeles. Note that only very basic functionality is implemented, the files need to be created on the target before they can be accessed. If the configuration values for a chip are unknown, it mostly helps to obtain the according BSDL-File from the manufacturer. For the shell program, you can just interrupt after startup and load the script manually. For the following description, all commands that you enter are marked bold, surrounding output appears in normal style. Now you can poke around on the target.

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Unpack the source tar file: This is where the GDB scripting comes in handy, it is already simplified with a number of user commands from the dump. This enables all the debug information necessary for source code debugging.

ICEbear JTAG adapter Drivers

Enabling other kernel debugging options may be also helpful. If in doubt, send us a copy of icebaer error messages dumped on the console.

Also, make sure that the hardware can not be in reset while the ICEbear software is trying to access the target. Note that this can take a long time on variables such as buffers or strings. The utility has been repeatedly tested and has shown excellent results.


A few more possible errors: The enumeration of the devices is very OS dependent. Start bfin-elf-gdb with u-boot as argument and load it onto the target like the shell note that you will need to go through the same initialization script procedure to properly initialize SDRAM.

On some hardware, reset watchdogs may interfer. Icebear Jtag Adapter V1. The modules included with the libbfemu-python package are self-documenting via the python documentation system — the documentation can be extracted using the pydoc tool, for example under Linux jtah can create a HTML documentation via: That means, that the target ID was not properly read. There are particular itag systems known to have problems with Icebear Jtag Adapter: This must obviously be called after the exception vectors have been initialized.

These files typically contain statements from where the above values can be derived. United States – English. Then, a dialog will display as in Fig.

AVReAl – adapters

You can simply reload by starting again in 5. Use nc or telnet to connect to the server: Otherwise, offset is assumed to be 0 and size to be the size of the file.


This is an auxiliary for factory programmers to determine whether an operation has jtah and that it is safe to unplug from the target. Microsoft Windows logos are registered trademarks of Microsoft. Boundary scan file import 4. Could not open ICEbear connection.

The telnet server currently supports a simple UART emulation only. This option requires basic OS understanding. If you are accidentally including a script with function definitions twice, Insight will complain.

BF Please see the section5 website listed below for a list of recommended evaluation hardware and for a most up iceear date support list. This is a separate add-on package, available on request only. This will bring up a selection dialog as shown in Fig.

It is possible to lock yourself out from the system if illegal settings are stored in flash. This will possibly destroy the ICEbear and make all warranty void.