The Sustain CC is by default at 64 but can be changed to any other controller if you need to. How would you compare the action and playing noise of the ES to that of a Yamaha P? The DGX seems like you get a lot for the money. I believe it has two sensors. Advanced UVI scripting giving you access to a simple yet powerfull interface and advanced features. New Topics – Multiple Forums.

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KAWAI Häufig gestellt Fragen und deren Antworten

The Min and Max Velocity are simply the minimum and maximum velocity that you will have to play to hear the piano. Video help Make sure your mixi is related to the product.

Can play and record. But since I am a home player, if I can notice this noise in the store I am certain I will notice it much more at home. Now insert the disk into your KS, hold the F2 button and power on.

The zones are as follows: If you decide to use an iLok dongle, both V1 and V2 are compatible with srial products. Pianoteq ongoing by Jack Gately. I considered the Casios all the way up to the PX Originally Posted by lance Always looking for the holy grail of piano vst’sI do own most after doing a search on youtube for piano vst’s found this gem can be tweaked for any style And I must admit sounds sweet. Kawai CA97 – I love it!


CP Update Version 1. I got a feeling FP’s key is more dumped when it’s released cause ES key has stronger bouncing effect which I don’t like.

Originally Posted by Dommie. This saves Ram usage if you only use one position.

The True Pedal Action enables the progressive resonance on pedal down when you press a chord and press the pedal afterwards. They also require AC power, and as far as I know neither of them will work with USB keyboards that don’t have class compliant drivers.

Now you should make sure that the MIDI input and output is selected correctly in this software. So many sounds, most of them pretty decent.

MIDIbox-to-COM Interface

Alas, the Miracle has now given up the ghost. Originally Posted by Michael H.

Kzwai PC cannot read the disk. I have only recently got into making music with a Macbook Pro, having always previously been a hardware user. Is it wrong to think of the DGX as somewhat amateurish and the Kawai as more professional? I really really don’t like it.


Therefore, I believe Michael H is right: Originally Posted by Kawai James.

MIDIbox-to-COM Interface

I will still consider it in the future, as the product gets more mature these initial quality related issues may be fixed. AdminGlobal ModMod. Moreover FP key has strange bouncing feel when you hit a key all the way down. Each microphone has three different controls: I was testing how much I have to release a key to get note sound again but it was really same or similar to ES It works on Mac We added a software round robin feature for the users that need mldi play repetitive pieces.