Also for read look at blockdev –help. I threw away the RAID 1 unit and instead created two units of type “single”. It seemed like a lot of money for something I have only seen in a press release. NoDough Jan 16, 8: I’ve also updated to the latest firmware, with no noticeable difference. View LQ Wiki Contributions.

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Page – Install the driver via a command shell Page – Set up the system so driver will load on I use both ext2fs and reiserfs on them. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

If the performance gains are going to be minimal, I would go software.

IDE raid controllers under linux

I’ll go with software RAID then. IDE raid controllers under linux. View options x Subscriber options: Linxu random accessing, for example, only the write-back cache should be enabled.


Higher CPU usage and less throughput on the bus. But now I’m torn what to do: This is almost but not quite identical to JBOD, except that the card still manages the units. Do you have something to say to the Linux community? Install Driver Page 67 – Figure Select Available Drive to Rep Ready to 3waer published?

Horrible 3ware RAID performance

68800 text from picture: Any advice in this area? Just create one partition that’s slightly smaller than the actual drive size, e. I should be so lucky!

It’s just kinux tad more flexible. Left Coast – Canada Distribution: That is why we were looking at IDE drives since they are cheaper. Wow, pretty big difference between ext3 and XFS here.

It seemed like a lot of money for something I have only seen in a press release. Will the data be lost?

Are you new to LinuxQuestions. More specifically the 3ware SX cards? Just try buying a 20 Gb hard drive these days.


Install From Disk Page – Figure LG HU85L projector needs but two linkx to cast a 90″ picture. Page 83 – Figure Don’t have an account?

We plan to use it as a backup storage limux our data. Page 59 – Continue with Windows NT 4. Add in the flexibility and I think the choice is easy. It is even setup to send a text message to a few of our cell phones if the array goes bad so we can check on it.

You’ve got more patience than I.