Updated the CD-R page. Users having SD-R drive with firmware 1C.. Enclosed utility will update the drive to the region-free X firmware, or if the drive is already running the X firmware, it will revert it to the region-locked E firmware. The file has been tested on one drive and seem to work correctly. Firmware v for the Kenwood True 62X and 72X.

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Westmoorings – 1 1. You can check this sr-8584z the Drive Region Info program. Macintosh version by XVI Hitachihack v2. You can find older patched firmware on Etna page. Usually the case on Windows NT and Please no mail unless it’s important like new firmware, new patch, important informations Patch by the great XVI!!

Panasonic Matshita Sr a Dvd Rom 6x/32x Firmware E15c

New firmware for the Traxdata Pro 5. BT01 seem to be a RPC-1 region free firmware. It’s not a firmware upgrade.

The Creative driver is always available on the Creative site. If you find the site usefull, please click more frequently on the banner.


RPC-2 with firmware B North Korea vs South Korea: RPC-2 with firmware 2. If you want to buy this drive, just look on the sticker on the top of the drive, the firmware version is indicated. If you want to use them use the C61f firmware. RPC-1 with firmware China is growing their military.

Panasonic Matshita Sr 8584a Dvd Rom 6x/32x Firmware E15c

I received 2 e-mail yesterday with the same file at the same minute from 2 totally different people. They used the Dv-rom patching method to the drive and it works!

Here is a page with comparative results between C61f 5X firmware and 0W01 6X. By Wizard 15th Jan, – 9: Aopen DVD Pro matsgita. How to install sound card drivers?

MATSHITA DVD-ROM SRA – updated driver [FOUND ]

This Thread is about the North Korean Military itself – the ,atshita of army, navy, and air force they have. These pages are only for advanced users. The Hitachi GD on Mac is now completely region-free, the firmware has been tested thanks to to www. Happy new year !!!! There is some little problems with the 2.


If you don’t want to flash your drive, you can reset indefinitively the drive region code by using this utility created by XVI. When DVD manufacturers will see hacked firmware everywhere, they will probably ask them if RPC1 was not better afterall.

XVI patched a new bunch of Panasonic firmware. I’m fucked, i must go to the army. See you soon everybody!!!

You can make your drive region free RPC-1 by using these: The drive will became a panasonic drive.