Email Required, but never shown. Have you tried to calculate the different resonant frequencies you get with different work coils? Do not depend on the body diode of the MOSFETs to provide a discharge path, as body diodes rarely have suitable characteristics to serve as a high energy discharge path. I went through my stash of capacitors and found a volt, 1 micro-farad capacitor. I picked it up again and decided maybe I would go the resonant frequency route and try to drive the Transformer with a mazzilli driver. Pictures and illustrations are copyrighted and written permit is needed for commercial use. Saattvik December 25, at

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I would not omit the zener diodes, there can still be switching spikes which are voltage transients that are high enough voltage and have enough energy to damage the gate of the MOSFET.

Mazilli ZVS flyback driver

This driver will push as much power as it can, so be sure to use flyback transformers mazziilli can handle the abuse if you want it to live. I measured the core loss when the transformer is unloaded, the loss is calculated to be huge,around W in my case.

I finally got back to this. I’ve been trying to build a high voltage generator consisting of a high-voltage transformer and a Crockoft-Walton multiplier. Take a look at the page about the Royer induction heater where this same circuit is described more in detail about ratings and some measurements. YouTube have recently gave me monetisation features which enables me to make money from adverts on my videos.


Can anyone help me…. It is your own life, so proceed at your own risk! Hello Dylan Could you post a link to a schematic, it sounds like you have a short circuit in dlyback for the current to rise that high.

Solo que no los tengo en pares. August tlyback, at October 24, at For the gate voltage source, I have the hundred volt split with glyback for a gate source voltage of I should have a video up in the next day or so as I am going to wait until it gets dark and film some arcs with the lights off.

Once an arc appears, after bringing the secondary wires close enough, frequencies shoot up to over kHz in 2 of them and over kHz in the other perhaps due to feedback from the arc to my frequency meter? An electric shock isnt always fatal but would certainly make me unhappy!

Thanks, I figured it out in the end and have got it up and running. And use a separate power supply for the gate, ground the negative point.

Flyback Transformer Drivers

Thanks anyone for help me complete the driver. Most of the wasted power goes into the transformer and the mosfets. That could cause a condition in which both FETs are conducting at the same time.


If you kept resistors the default value, you are indeed frying your zeners rather quickly, mostly maazilli to overheat. Most important is all my cuircuit protection and a analogue Ammeterup to 30A DC.

Are the fets dieing from to much current? That all my idea, i hope you will find some use for it. Old rules of debugging flybackk. I rebuilt the circuit on a piece of stripboard, and attached the MOSFETs with screw terminals so that they can be easily replaced.

mosfet – Troubleshooting ZVS flyback failure – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

If you have cylindric coil that works, try to match its inductance and frequency in designing the pancake coil. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Adam Mizban December 24, at Mazzilli flyback driver mosfets keep failing Ask Question. This is what I hate the most. First, find an WHITE PVC tube that fit your core, cut it so that it length fit your core, then wind 1 turn of enameled copper wire thick wire, this is the primary on the tube and superglue it on the tube.

You can not place the inductor in a wrong direction.

I shall upload some pictures soon.