Haven’t had any problems with it, no ads, popups, whatever. Septimius Junior Member Jan 26, IMO its a borderline virus. Motionjoy worked just fine for me. Jul 25, 11, 0 0. Thanks for the great post!

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You must log in or register to reply here. That said, I think I’m about to abandon this program once and for all. Clever Pun Member Jan 26, Agree with the G5 being there, piece of shit mouse. That guy is working on it! I looked at the traffic from the program, and I’ve found it’s talking to servers in China for reasons unknown to me.

I unplugged the controller and restarted again. I’ve never had any ads.

Valve really needs to release their controller soon. Even this tool is a wrapper for the XBox driver by Microsoft. Personally my Motionjoy breaks every week or two and requires me to reinstall it to get it to recognize my controller again.


New version released 1. Far too light for my taste, but I know people like it so what the heck. SCP install video i used pay motionjou to annotations if you have trouble on the last step https: I’ve just been using better ds3 for a while now. Oct 31, 9, 0 0. Pepper42 View Profile View Posts.

Feb 13, 7, 0 0 29 Central New Jersey. When I click offline it doesn’t work at all for me.

Motioninjoy (or DS3 tool) is not working :: Help and Tips

Just make sure your controller is unplugged until step 9. I tried installing other versions of motioninjoy, but Moyionjoy still get a white page. When i have motion joy running when i play BF4 PB detects it as a invalid driver and kicks me Windows recognises the controller, but the SCP moniter refuses to detect it Honestly as much as I love this chart using laser mice is not always a detriment.

Well, besides the fact that it looks like it were designed in the mid 90s, if you use the bluetooth configuration tool on certain most hardware configurations, you’re fucked.


It recognized the motionjoy drivers without having to open motionjoy.

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Oct 4, 8, 0 No adware or spyware of any kind. No one has the ambition, time, or means to share it.

Mouse aiming is way better than on a control stick, it’s no comparison. Jun 26, 39, 1 0.

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The controller 1 light was steadily blinking on it. Which is what the one posted by OP is based on. Jul 25, 11, 0 0. I’m surprised no one has created an alternative MotionInJoy’s awful drivers fucked with my bluetooth drivers and I can no longer motionoy my Wii remote to work with my PC.