The version I had was 2. It looks like a printer, but is more like a pen plotter. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

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My email is shari-britton hotmail.

Had downloaded the MTC software and used it a lot. I had the old version mtcc Made the Cut and somehow lost it off my computer. You could possibly ask MTC.

Hello all, Does anybody have the drivers to connect my laptop to Cricut Expression 2?

Evelyn R, I have a copy and can send you an invoice via Paypal to cover shipping and the cost of the CD. It should be out there for you to find.

I have a CD ,You will still need your old log in info. I love mtc, and use it with old cricut exoression, but just recently bought a Silh cameo 3 and it is not showing up in my cutter options.

How to Connect Your Cricut to the Make the Cut Software

This can then pose a problem when designing certain print and cut projects. It said it could no longer load the cricut plugin.

Thank you so much for this information. Anonymous June 18, at 5: Any assistance or guidance anyone could offer would be immensely appreciated!


Make the Cut!™ – Offical Website – Greatest cutter software yet created!

I also want to buy the Disney cartridges, just because I am such a HUGE Disney fan and all the cutter files I have that are Disney, almost all are useless for someone like me who needs a full shape to build a paper piecing on… the other thing I want to do is get the deep cut blade housing and cut craft foam with it so I can make shaker boxes. Anyway, MTC got a new registration they never would have, and PC lost a long time purchaser and reseller.

But this solution does work, at least with several versions of the Expresion with software running on windows I now have Vers.

The same goes for stencil designing because SCAL has a specific tool for bridging interior shapes. Follow the BLUE download now button, and wait until the page counts down the site is very confusing, with download buttons all over the place for crap I hope thats helpful, Regards, Matt. If someone is game to test it, it would be interesting to know. If it does, could you be kind and tell me how to do it?

While a Mac version appears on its download page, this version runs on an embedded emulator called Wine, limiting some functionality such as being able to copy and paste between applications or from the Internet.


I sure its just a case of one update in the driver… But who will do this???? I have a mac, this is how I solved it to use Make the Cut.

Make the Cut and Sure Cuts A Lot: Which is Best for You? – Personal Die Cutting

About the Author Mindi Orth began writing in as a technical writer for a consulting firm. Its always best to support the authors of the software, especially the smaller guys like Make the crucut. What was Cricut thinking, removing their own utility from hundreds of applications.

We recently grew a bit and needed to upgrade our arsenal before this holiday season. I already have the small cricut but would love to upgrade to the expression.

Shari I am interested in the cd too but am completely new to cricut and am wondering if you include steps mfc this software process…. Lee July 29, at Do you still have it available? The activation code comes when you purchase the software. The following table summarizes the strengths already discussed plus a few additional items.